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Save 41% Off Ring Plug in Camera (2nd Gen)

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Retail Price: $59.00

Sale Price: $34.99

Savings: $41.67
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Product Overview


In an era where security and connectivity are paramount, the Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) emerges as a pinnacle of innovation, offering a comprehensive solution to modern surveillance needs. Combining advanced features like plug-in convenience, smart connectivity, enhanced night vision, and a privacy-centric design, this WiFi video camera sets a new standard for indoor security. With its sleek white design and included privacy cover, the Indoor Cam seamlessly integrates into any living space, ensuring the safety and privacy of your home.

Plug-In Convenience

The Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) is designed to simplify installation and usage. Its plug-in nature eliminates the need for complex wiring or battery management. Just find a power outlet, plug in the camera, and you’re ready to go. This streamlined setup process ensures that users of all technical levels can effortlessly enhance their security measures. Say goodbye to the hassle of changing batteries or dealing with intricate installation procedures.

Smart Connectivity

Connectivity lies at the heart of the Indoor Cam experience. Through seamless integration with your home WiFi network, this smart security camera allows you to monitor your surroundings remotely from your smartphone or other connected devices. The dedicated mobile app provides real-time notifications and live streaming, granting you the ability to keep an eye on your home no matter where you are. Whether you’re at work, traveling, or simply in another room, the Indoor Cam keeps you in control.

Enhanced Night Vision

Nighttime security is a critical aspect of any surveillance system, and the Indoor Cam excels in this domain. Equipped with cutting-edge night vision technology, this camera ensures clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions. The ability to see up to a specified distance in total darkness provides peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected around the clock. Whether it’s a dimly lit hallway or an unlit corner, the Indoor Cam’s enhanced night vision keeps your property secure.

Privacy-Centric Design

The Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) not only safeguards your home but also respects your privacy. The included privacy cover offers a physical barrier that allows you to block the camera’s lens whenever you desire. This ensures that your indoor spaces remain private whenever you need them to be. The focus on privacy distinguishes this camera from other options, empowering you to balance security and personal space according to your preferences.

Seamless Integration

Compatibility is a key factor in any smart home setup, and the Indoor Cam excels in this regard. It can easily integrate with other smart devices in your ecosystem, such as voice assistants and home automation systems. This compatibility extends the camera’s functionality beyond simple surveillance, enabling you to create a holistic and interconnected living environment. Whether it’s activating the camera through voice commands or triggering other devices based on the camera’s alerts, the possibilities for integration are vast.


The Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) sets a new benchmark for indoor security solutions, combining convenience, connectivity, enhanced night vision, and a privacy-centric approach. Its plug-in design ensures hassle-free installation, while smart connectivity keeps you informed and in control. The camera’s advanced night vision technology guarantees clear footage even in the darkest hours. The inclusion of a privacy cover demonstrates a commitment to respecting your personal space. With its seamless integration capabilities, the Indoor Cam truly transforms into a cornerstone of your smart home setup. Embrace the future of indoor security with the Indoor Cam and experience unparalleled peace of mind.

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