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Outstanding Savings Of 22% On Tracker Steel Deposit Safe With Key Lock

The latest Lowes Daily Deals is an awesome 22% off of this Tracker Safe Steel Deposit Safe with Key Lock White/Cream Powder Coat Paint. This particular deal is at present live but who knows for exactly how long! Make it a point to use your instant Lowes 20 off coupon or Lowes 20% off coupon (if you have a Lowes Advantage credit card)!

How do you get this great deal?

This Daily Deal is ONLY advertised at their Frenchtown Township Lowe’s (store # 1074).  You’ll be able to order on Lowes.com for in-store pick-up. Keep in mind to provide them a little while to have your order ready. Check your e-mail for their confirmation that its prepared. For online purchases, don’t forget you will need to to change your store ahead of checking out.

Seeing that this deal is solely offered at that one location, simply add the merchandise to your cart, at that point change the store. This tends to be completed either in the shopping cart or even on the merchandise page. Choose “Ship to Home” in the shopping cart to get it sent right to the house!

Retail Price: $152.52

Sale Price: $118.82

Savings: $33.70

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Product Overview

The Tracker Safe Steel Deposit Safe with Key Lock White/Cream Powder Coat Paint is a high-security deposit safe that is very easy to use. This safe is ideal for business with cash deposits. There are 2 keys that allow access to this deposit safe. Perfect for businesses with cash deposits. Non-fire insulated front opening, top to bottom, steel security deposit safe.


  • 3/8″ thick steel door and 11 gauge steel body.
  • The door is secured with one (1) 1/2″ bolt and a reinforced door frame.
  • The body has two (2) 1/2″ pre-drilled holes on the back of the safe and two (2) 1/2″ pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the safe for mounting to wall, floor, or other hard application. Mounting holes are 3″ inches apart on the back and bottom of the safe.
  • Equipped with a 2 key lock mechanism. Each key is unique and requires both keys to open the safe.
  • Felt carpet liner.
  • Mounting hardware included.

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